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When Ability Counts. . .
Count on Rehabilitation Services

Vocational Rehabilitation Program

What We Do

Am I Eligible? provides services to help persons with disabilities prepare for, start, and maintain competitive employment, thus becoming productive and independent citizens in their communities. The VR program has 13 regional offices statewide, as well as 53 local offices with Account Representative - Description who work in the community and have an in-depth knowledge of both the marketplace and the support services available. All customers are therefore able to benefit from opportunities tailored to their specific needs.

Services We Provide

The VR Support Services Team (VRSST) provides leadership, technical assistance/support, and coordination to regional and unit offices. Examples include:

  • Fostering collaborative partnerships with federal and state agencies, community rehabilitation facilities, workforce investment boards and post-secondary schools.
  • Developing rehabilitation services provider standards and managing fees.
  • Managing the client information system.
  • Developing and managing client services policy and procedures, and providing for due process, including administrative reviews, mediations and fair hearings.
  • Providing assistive technology assessments and recommendations.

Regional and unit office staff develop referral sources for the purpose of identifying and reaching eligible Responsibilities Services necessary for a qualified individual to meet a carefully-determined work goal may include:

  • Counseling and Guidance
  • College and University Instruction
  • Supported Employment
  • Work Readiness Training
  • Work Adjustment Training
  • Vocational and Technical Training
  • On the Job Training
  • Job Coaching

Employers are linked with qualified applicants, and also may receive help in such areas as:

  • Accessibility Assessments
  • Job Analysis studies
  • Disability Awarness Education
  • Assistive Work Technology

For further information about Vocational Rehabilitation, contact the VR Customer Service Center:

Metro Atlanta 404-486-6331 · 404-486-6333 TTY
Toll Free 1-866-489-0001 · 1-866-373-7778 TTY
E-mail vrpcustomer-service@dol.state.ga.us

For further information about programs or services offered by Rehabilitation Services, please e-mail us at rehab@dol.state.ga.us