Georgia Department of Labor
Rehabilitation Services
110 Vocational Rehabilitation Program

2008 State Plan
Assurances Pre-Print State Plan for the State VR Services Program and State Plan Supplement for the State Supported Employment Services Program
Certifications Certifications Regarding Lobbying: Debarment, Suspension, and Other Responsibility Matters; And Drug-Free Workplace Requirements
Attachment 4.2(c) Summary of Inputs & Recommendations of the State Rehabilitation Council: Response of the Designated State Unit; And Explanations for Rejection of Input or Recommendations
Attachment 4.8(b)(1) Cooperation with Agencies that are not in the Statewide Workforce Investment System and with Other Entities
Attachment 4.8(b)(2) Coordination with Education Officials
Attachment 4.8(b)(3) Cooperative Agreements with Private Nonprofit Vocational Rehabilitation Service Providers
Attachment 4.8(b)(4) Evidence of Collaboration Regarding Supported Employment and Extended Services
Attachment 4.10 Comprehensive System of Personnel Development (CSPD)
Attachment 4.11(a)
Phase One

Attachment 4.11(a)
Phase Two
Results of Comprehensive Statewide Assessment of the Rehabilitation Needs of Individuals with Disabilities and Need to Establish, Develop, or Improve Community Rehabilitation Programs (Required every three years)
Attachment 4.11(b) Annual Estimates of Individuals to Be Served and Costs of Services
Attachment 4.11(c)(1) State's Goals and Priorities
Attachment 4.11(c)(3) Order of Selection; Justification: And Outcome and Service Goals, Timeframes and Services Cost
Attachment 4.11(c)(4) Goals & Plans for Distribution of Title VI, Part B Funds
Attachment 4.11(d) State’s Strategies & Use of Title I Funds for Innovation and Expansion Activities
Attachment 4.11(e)(2) Evaluation and Report of Progress in Achieving Identified Goals & Priorities and Use of Title I Funds Innovation and Expansion Activities
Attachment 6.3 Quality, Scope, and Extent of Supported Employment Services
Appendix I Narrative Report: Public Hearings on the FY08 Sate Plan for the 110 Vocational Rehabilitation Program
Appendix II

Survey Summary:  Public Hearings on the FY08 Sate Plan for the 110 Vocational Rehabilitation Program


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